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Pitching Presentation to Fashion Retailers

Want retail and online stores to carry your products? Don’t know how to get purchasing managers to pay attention to your brand?

Having compelling sales materials will help you introduce and sell your new collection to a potential buyer. I can develop the best package, customized for you:

What you will get:
  • Presentation that includes:
    • Market Trends
    • Your brand story and unique proposition
    • Target Audience
    • Recommended Assortment
    • Your wholesale and suggested retail prices
    • Marketing Plan
    • Sales History and Product Reviews
    • Commercial Offer
  • The list of right retailers for your brand
  • Line Sheets for your current collection
  • Training how to make a successful brand presentation
How it will help you:
  • You will show up to potential buyer meetings prepared and confident
  • The quality of the package will put your brand well ahead of the competitors and set it apart when you present it to the decision makers
  • Save your time and energy, get rid of stress and frustration getting stuck on “not knowing what to say.” I’ll give you the script to follow.
Who is this package for:
  • For fashion designers and fashion business owners who have an existing brand or are just getting started
Preparation Period: 2 weeks


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