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Free resources

Fashion Business Marketing Plan Template

You are aspiring individuals full of zeal, devotion, love of what you do, creativity and all the other elements that make up a talented fashion designer or fashion business owner. Is it enough in order to endure competition and carve your own fashion path? Or is there more to owning a successful business?

The truth is that there actually is.

What you also need is a healthy and viable marketing plan, one that will help you:

  • Organize your marketing activities. Suggestions and ideas about what to do, where and when, something that will clear the chaos that resides in your confused mind.
  • Schedule your efforts in promoting your business in the most effective way that suits your needs and budget.
  • A plan that will help you figure out the importance of every step you need to take.

Can you imagine how much further you could go if you actually had a plan?

The good news? Access to this knowledge is completely FREE


fashion marketing consultant

One of my clients was complaining about her failure to make sales for her apparel garment, after growing a huge Instagram profile. She tried growing her blog, but it seemed her efforts weren’t getting her anywhere. These are some of the challenges of running a fashion business.

The good news is that these challenges are actually opportunities in disguise. I advised her to do a little research by finding out from some of her followers on Instagram the reason why they haven’t made a purchase.

I have prepared a list of likely questions to ask when interviewing your customers. If you have the same problem or just want to get more information about your potential customers and how to switch them in to buyers, simply download my questionnaire.


Are you preparing yourself for meetings with buyers? If yes, then you know that before landing an appointment with a buyer you need to send your lookbook and a short but sweet selling presentation about your brand.

Guy Kawasaki, the chief evangelist of Canva, says that you need 10 slides to pitch someone for your business idea. Keeping his advice in mind, I made a pitching presentation template for you. It’s free and you can download it right now. Good luck with your appointments and reaching agreements!

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