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Fashion Business Marketing Plan

When designers and boutique owners realize how much work goes in to getting the business side of their brand going they feel frustrated, at times stuck and unsure about what comes first. Sometimes, as fashion startupers coming from a creative background, we find it difficult to sort out what is vitally important and what can be handled tomorrow. Frustrating, I know.

The good news is there’s one way to eliminate this frustration – create a clear and detailed plan of action designed to help you achieve your business goals. Your marketing plan.                   

A clear step-by step Fashion Business Marketing Plan includes:

  • Marketing Goals of highest priority right now for your business
  • Detailed analyses of your target audience including such characteristics as body image, fashion knowledge, lifestyle, merchandise aesthetics
  • Your unique brand proposition and brand story
  • Recommendations on product assortment and pricing
  • Channel distribution – where to sell your brand
  • Marketing activities plan (online and offline)
  • Marketing calendar and budget
  • Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts


How it will help you:


  • It will give you clarity about further steps you should take to grow your fashion business
  • You will see the entire picture of your activities for a specific period of time
  • You will get a clear understanding why you perform each activity
  • You will be able to measure the effectiveness of your investments
For whom:
  • fashion designers and fashion business owners who already have their business or just started

Preparation – 2 weeks.

1 follow-up session is included.


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