8 Marketing tools to promote your collection in 2018 | Fashion Scout
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8 Marketing tools to promote your collection in 2018

The New Year is around the corner, and if you haven’t made your business plans yet then here are 8 marketing tools that you should consider while promoting your brand in 2018.  Enjoy reading and Happy New Year!


Instagram is the number one tool for the promotion of fashion brands. This channel is the most visual, and it is obvious that visual images are crucial for attracting customers’ attention in the fashion industry.

This tool has already replaced online shops for many brands. Customers pick clothes, specify sizes and price, and make an order; all of that via Instagram.

If for some reason you still do not have Instagram, you should get it as soon as possible.

Instagram allows you to quickly build knowledge about your brand and to communicate with your customers directly.

It is important to remember that, through Instagram, you build a visual story about your brand and broadcast its aesthetics. The general style of photos and videos that you post should be relevant to the style of your target audience.

2. Influencer Marketing

The importance of building relationships with the influencers and opinion leaders in fashion (editors of glossy magazines, buyers) has always been great. But as fashion blogs develop on Instagram, this tool has become one of the key channels if you want to increase the awareness of your brand and your sales at the same time.

Instagram’s fashion blogs have become an ideal channel to spread the word about your products.

The steps are very simple. Make a list of fashion bloggers that are relevant to your target audience. Don’t judge only by the number of followers; look at the engagement and the number of views on the posts with video. Reach out to them and introduce your brand. Agree to send a sample and ask about advertising opportunities.

When done correctly and consistently, this instrument allows you to significantly increase your website traffic and the number of followers.

Sometimes, all you need is to ask a blogger to become your brand ambassador and promote your products on their blog while receiving a fee from sales. It makes the blogger personally motivated to promote your brand among their followers.


3. Facebook and Instagram Ads

At first sight, target advertising seems to be one of the most comprehensive and simple tools. It is easy to control, since you can see all the statistics and measure the effectiveness of your advertising.

However, this tool has its own peculiarities that you should be aware of.

For example, it is very important to precisely know your target audience, including their interests and behavior. Often enough, designers make a mistake by specifying their target audience as ‘all women from 18 to 55.’

Another mistake is investing the entire budget into one publication. It is better to first test several images with different advertising messages, spending not more than $10 on each. Then, you choose the most effective one and spend your main budget on it.


4. Pinterest

This promotion tool is one of the most undervalued among designers, mostly due to the lack of knowledge about it. Nevertheless, many people use Pinterest for inspiration and search for interesting ideas before going shopping. According to statistics, 69% of consumers who found the product they needed on Pinterest could, as a result, become a real buyer.

Moreover, if your online shop is made on the Shopify platform, you can create a branch of your shop on Pinterest and make sales inside of this social network.

5. Email Marketing

If you look through your mailbox, you can see that all online shops use email marketing. It is a must-have instrument for e-commerce. Building your email list is essential in driving online sales, as you need to constantly remind people about your brand and lead the dialogue with your potential and current customers.

One of the advantages of email marketing is that it allows you to send personalized messages to all your clients based on their purchasing behavior. As you may know, personalization is one of the key trends of modern consumers. We all crave an individual approach. It is email marketing that makes it possible.

You can read more about email marketing in my article “5 REASONS WHY YOUR FASHION BUSINESS NEEDS EMAIL MARKETING”.


Organizing special promo events for your customers is a common but still effective tool for promotion. Again, analyze your customers and think what gifts might be inspirational or at least interesting for them. It can be your product as a main gift, or a small gift with purchase or a photo session. By the way, you can use giveaways for multiple purposes: for increasing the number of followers on Instagram and the database of e-mails on your website, and to drive your sales as well.

And one more tip – a giveaway can show great results when combined with advertising posts or mentions in fashion blogs.

7. Co-Op Marketing

This is an advertising aimed at attracting traffic and increasing the sales of a particular brand in a particular shop. This tool is very important if you have a wholesale sales channel and you would like to stimulate demand and attract new customers to a shop where your product is sold. This tool is often used by large companies; however, emerging designers can also use it to push sales in a particular retail store. Brand pop up events can be a great example of co-op marketing.

This tool also positively affects the store’s loyalty, since they are interested in selling your product as soon as possible at a full price.

One of the emerging designers that I know placed Facebook ads to support the launch of her collection in a big online store. All of her collection was sold out within two weeks. Right after that, the buyers re-ordered her collection.

8. Collaborations with Artists

This is more of an image-building promotional tool aimed at creating news and buzz around the brand, but nevertheless, it can also have a significant influence on sales. Remember, the more news you have that you are ready to share with your customers, the more impressions you create around the brand, and the more reasons you give to your target audience to visit your shop.