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My journey

My journey towards marketing consulting for fashion businesses can be compared with  a developing photograph. I started my career working in marketing for large and well-established companies including Johnson & Johnson, Samsung Electronics, Anheuser-Busch. Even though I enjoyed working there, I still felt like something was missing.

When I moved to Miami to pursue my degree in Fashion Business from Miami International University and met many talented and inspired fashion designers, it suddenly made sense.

The young designers I met were creative, passionate and spirited individuals but a few of them knew about branding and marketing strategy.

Like a photograph gains its lines and colors over time, I realized that I want to help young, emerging fashion businesses to establish and successfully market their brands.

My photograph was now fully developed. I established Fashion Scout and empowered myself with a mission to give all my knowledge and experience to help young talents.

Why to work with me


  • My secret to success comes from my commitment to innovation, hard work and love to what I do. I am serious about what I do and constantly give my all.
  • An advocate of innovation, I constantly look for new trends and approaches in marketing.
  • As you work with me, you can focus on the creativity and designing part of the business while I help you with the rest.
  • A marketing professional with over a decade of experience creating marketing campaigns and strategies for big brand-name companies, I am confident I can help you realize your vision.


Interested in working with me?

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